IntelliDrink is a sophisticated blood alcohol content (BAC) calculator for the iPhone.

Watch your BAC rise and fall on the graph and analyze your consumption with IntelliDrink's statistics! Set a limit and get notified when you exceed or fall below your limit.

  • Utilize IntelliDrink's sophisticated algorithm that creates precise calculations based on actual scientific knowledge.
  • Calculate your absorption and metabolism over time.
  • Analyze your consumption with IntelliDrink's statistics.
  • Get notified when you exceed your limit with the BAC alarm.
  • Get accurate information that takes into account your age, weight, height, gender, drinking frequency and your stomach content level.

"We used IntelliDrink for obtaining estimated BAC in a research project for the purpose of calibrating sophisticated data analysis software for autonomous transdermal alcohol sensors."
Dr. Gary Rosen, Professor of Mathematics, University of Southern California (USC)

Featured by Buzzfeed, CNN, Mandatory and many more.
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